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Press Release

Dtrick ThaBandit of LTP, Inc. set to release his first mixtape

Energetic, passionate indie artist, Dtrick ThaBandit, announces the release of his first album titled “Zory”

Dtrick ThaBandit is not like an average musician as the talented artist aims to change the world using genuine and harmonic sounds filled with substance and flavor in the context. In line with his goal of reaching out to the world using hip hop, Dtrick ThaBandit has announced the release of his debut project, which he has titled “Zory.”

The music industry and the world of entertainment as a whole have evolved over the years with contributions coming from different quarters to enhance the growth of the industry. Several creative minds, including artists and producers, have contributed to ensuring that music lovers worldwide remain entertained. Unfortunately, the true essence of music, which is to pass a message to the listener in a subtle, entertaining manner seems to have been eroded by the constant release of rather vague songs with little or no content or message. Dtrick ThaBandit is, however, changing the narrative by staying true to the essence of hip hop, a feature that he has constantly displayed in the release of his works.

The latest project from Tha Bandit as he is also called shows his high energy, passion, and dominant voice. Containing seven different amazing, aggressive and energy-filled songs, Tha Bandit chronicles his journey through life and the different lessons learned as he became the artist he is. The artist also talks about the trials and tribulations he overcame to create his style and become unique.

“Zory” is released in line with revolutionary and progressive artist’s goal of building a platform to speak to his ministry and testimony of God’s work through his life using creative writings and vocal recordings. “Find out why God put you here and do it every day,” says Dtrick ThaBandit.

More information about “Zory” and other projects from Tha Bandit can be found on his website. Dtrick ThaBandit can also be found across several digital platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

About Dtrick ThaBandit

Dtrick ThaBandit is a creative independent artist that aims to heal and motivate people with his stories through his movement of sound. The artist dedicates his music to real-life stories and expressions of different phases of his journey of life till the present day.
Born in Sandiego, raised in Arizona, his journey into the world of music was inspired by the birth of his first son, making the decision to leave the streets and pursue his dream of making good, thought-provoking music.

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