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Origin:  Silver Springs, MD

Genres:  Rap, Hip-Hop

Years Active:  2015- Present

Label:  LTP Inc.

Website: DTrickThaBandit.com

Short Bio

With high energy, passion, and dominant voice DtrickThaBandit allows you inside his conscious. Exploring a versatile flow and utilizing different rhymes scenes, Tha Bandit can make music in several genres. Born on October 15th, 1989 as Zory Dietrich Lyles in Sandiego, California. Torn from the separation from the separation of his parents and drastic demographic change, Dtrick guides us through his experience as a boy who completely lost his path as he turned into a man that has now tapped into his greatness and purpose.

His message is simple, “Find out why God put you here and do it every day, be better than yesterday.”